im kaz

i love ragyo and satsuki kiryuin a whole lot lmao i also rly like nonon

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meanie-in-a-beanie asked: right now there is a skeleton inside of you. B) or B(?

oh my god

send me kinks and ill reply with B) or B(


Your gayness is showing, Satsuki sama

put a rei on my blog and noW i t is time. 2 slep


i am so tired and so gay

i will shiP what i want to ship i will like what i want to like i will recognize problematic elements in these things but i will NOT be made to feel guilty for liking them

i fkucign love ragyo kiryuin


*puts metaphor between cigarette* it’s a teeth


that komaeda dude looks like someone would licks ppls hand if they try to cover his mouth to shut him up

to sum up my gender shit:

i like “embracing femininity” to show that looking feminine does not make a person weak; im strong regardless of how exactly i express my appearance. im kinda ok with family members referring to me with gendered words (daughter, etc) because i never told them about my gender things (they don’t have bad intentions regardless though). but if a stranger does it i get really uncomfortable (a waiter kept calling me a “lady” at a restaurant recently and it was bothering me a lot). basically i just dont care about gender things overall though like?? i will go by literally any pronouns. i just get rly mad when ppl assume my gender just because i dress in a feminine way because like. i am not a girl. stop assuming that

hmm after doing some reading/research ive come to the conclusion that gender-wise i may be more along the lines of a demigirl as opposed to agender?? i honestly am not sure though like. i usually love wearing makeup and looking feminine but i sure as hell aint cis. like i know that gender expression and gender identity are separate things and that there really is no such thing as “male/female clothes” (+ makeup is gender neutral) but i do feel slightly connected to the stereotypical “feminine” appearance the majority of the time? pretty much only the appearance though

so yeah im? not entirely sure?? i know this is a more personal thing but if anyone has any input then that would be great


Baseball Satsuki <333

Please don’t ask her if she’s a pitcher or a batter.
She’s both.


here we see benedict cumberbatch taking a selfie with his homeboy, gamzee makara